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Postal code: 2900
Dialing code: 0751
Web site: www.gotse-delchev.bg

The town of Gotse Delchev is situated in the Gotse Delchev Hollow, at the southwest foot of the Middle Pirin Mountain, along both banks of the Nevrokopska (Gradska) River - a tributary to the Mesta River, which flows 3 km west of the town.

The Gotse Delchev municipality encompasses an area of 315.8 sq, km and occupies the southwest part of Bulgaria. It borders the municipalities of Hajidimovo, Garmen, Bansko and Sandanski. It is situated 180 km away from the city of Sofia and 51 km away from Bansko.


There are numerous remains of the material culture of the prehistoric man from the Stone and the Stone-Copper Age, of the Thracians - from the first millennium BC, of the period of the Roman rule and late antiquity and of the Slavonic tribe Smolyani.

The region was annexed to the Bulgarian kingdom in 837 AD. During the Ottoman rule, especially in the 16 and 17 centuries, as a result of the assimilation policy of the conquerors, part of the local Christian population was forcibly converted to the Islam, but preserved its national consciousness and traditions.

During the National Revival, the Bulgarian population waged long and dramatic struggles for education in Bulgarian and a Bulgarian Church, and also took an active part in the struggles for national liberation.

The town, which was then called Nevrokop, became known for being the only producer of a famous brand of sheep bells. Skilful builders were building residential and public buildings of remarkable architectural merits; the town and the villages were renewing, developing and enlarging themselves.


The St. Archangel Michael Church (1811) is remarkable for its old holy gates, included in the iconostasis composition, for its richly decorated with fretwork ceilings, and 70 icons from 1881 by Sergi Georgiev.

The Assumption Church (1838) has an extremely interesting painted iconostasis, masterpieces of fretwork, and icons by eminent representatives of the Bansko Painting School.

The architectural complex of Rifat Bey (a local Ottoman ruler) in the Bulgarian National Revival style, the ensembles of post-National Liberation houses in the old central part.

The Holy Virgin Monastery, built in 1888, and the remains of the Momina Koula medieval fortress are situated 3 km away from the town.


The natural sight Chinarbey (a 500-year-old plane-tree with a height of 24 m) is near the bank of the Delchevska River. The age-old chestnut-trees Bliznatsite (the Twins) grow 1.5 km away from the town of Gotse Delchev. The fishpond by the Mesta River (3 km along a highway and 2 km along a dirt road northeastwards) offers tourist attractions and a specialized fish restaurant.

Tours to the famous national and international tourist centre Bansko (32 km) can be undertaken from the town of Gotse Delchev. Picturesque mountain roads lead from the Popovi Livadi area to the interesting village of Pirin (44 km), the Pirin Chalet (61 km), the famous Rozhen Monastery (79 km) and the cultural and historical reserve Melnik (80 km).

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