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Town, SPA resort
Postal code: 2800
Dialing code: 0746
Population: 27 631 inhabitants
Web site: www.sandanski.bg

The town of Sandanski is located at an altitude of 224 m in the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, along Sandanska Bistritsa river. The town of Sandanski is famous with the best natural public health for bronchial asthma in Europe. It is popular for its mineral springs, mild climate, variety of places of interest and old-centuries cultural heritage. The town hosts in the beginning of September the annual Pirin folk festival.

The resort climate is indeed unique. The mineral springs turn it into a resort of international significance. Throughout the year, local temperatures are higher then inland temperatures - the annual average being 14.7 C. Winters are mild and short, autumns long and warm. The temperature of the mineral springs varies between 33 C and 83 C.


The settlement near the mineral springs has originated in the II millenium AD. Spartacus - the leader of the biggest riot (74) of the Roman Empire comes from the Thracian tribe "medi" which has inhabited its surroundings. Up to VI century the town is one of the first Christian bishops centers in Bulgaria.

In the end of VI century Barbarian tribes have destroyed it. Since those days it is named Saint Vrach to the memory of the two brothers Kozma and Damyan - doctors of folk medicine. This is the name of the town till 1947, when it has been renamed to Sandanski, the name of a Bulgarian revolutionary, a fighter for the liberation of Macedonia from the Turkish yoke - Janne Sandanski.


The architectural and sculptural complex behind which a white seven-meter high stone statue of Spartacus rises up.

In the center of the town is the Museum of Archaeology which treasures material evidence of more than 27 centuries. /2, Macedonia Str., tel: (0746) 23188/ and the town Art gallery /51 Macedonia Str., tel: (0746) 25165/

Particular attention should be paid to St.George church from 1861 /10, St.St.Ciril and Methodius Str./ and to the monastery St.St.Kozma and Damian.


Sandanski is proud of the unique town park called with the old name of the town Sveti Vrach in 1981. Its territory is 344 decares. More than 100 tree species and more than 150 floral species grow here. One can see here old hollow plane- trees.

The verdure of the park shelters the town stadium, the open theatre hall, the open swimming pool, an artificial lake with a bar, a lot of boats and water wheels. At the very gate of the park a unique ferro-concrete map of Northern Pirin was made and installed by Nikola Mironski, a well-known Bulgarian mountaineer.


Road transport
1,6 km far from the centre of Sandanski passes a main road A 79. Sandanski is an important point on the international road and railway lines Sofia-Koulata-Athens.

Railway station tel.(0746) 22213 Railway station, the town of Sandanski is 4,5 km from the centre of the town. There is a loading platform, as well as a crane for loading and unloading.

Bus station - tel. (0746) 22130 The bus transport provides a link of the town of Sandanski with the town of Blagoevvgrad and the capital Sofia, as well as with the town of Kyustendil, the town of Samokov, the town of Petrich and others.


Tourism Info Center
1 Bulgaria Sqr.
Tel/Fax: (+359 746) 24 03
E-mail: bicc@omega.bg


24 km south-east is the town-museum of Melnik, 6 km further on is the Rozhen Monastery. 18 km north-east within Pirin is the holiday resort Popina Luka and the eleven-meter Popina Luka Waterfall . The resort is point of departure for several marked tourist routes in Pirin.

Edelvais tourist agency tel. (0746) 23198.
Life-Saving Service in Sandanski - (0746) 24013

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