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Border Regulations
  • Foreign nationals may enter the country with a valid international passport and a visa where required.
  • Schengen Country citizens are entitled to visa free entry and up to 90 days stay.
  • This also applies to other foreign nationals from countries which have visa waiver agreements with Bulgaria although their stay may be limited to 30 days.
  • At the transit sections, airport transfers and short term visas (up to 10 days) can be issued.
  • Currency that exceeds 5000 BGL must be declared when entering (or leaving) the country.
Customs Regulations
  • Visitors not staying in a hotel must register at the local police station within 48 hours, together with the passport of their host. Be advised not to stay more than what the permit allows you, otherwise you might face some unpleasant charges.
  • Extensions and further info can be obtained at the passport directorate on 48, Maria Luisa Blvd. Tel: (02) 982 33 16, only in Bulgarian. Reception hours for foreigners: Monday and Thursday from 11.00 till 12.00
  • If you are staying or working long-term in Bulgaria, you may be entitled to an 'ID card'.
  • Foreign nationals who have made an investment of over $500, 000 in accordance with the Bulgarian law are also entitled to 'permanent stay'.
  • Identification should be carried on you at all times.
  • As of 1st March 2002 all foreign nationals leaving the country must supply a receipt from the hotel they were staying at or a wet-stamped letter from the company they were visiting here in Bulgaria. It must include the Name of the Company, Person's Name, Nationality, Passport No. and Passport Expiration Date.
  • Keep in mind that passports may also be required for internal flights.
  • If you are travelling alone with your children and they have Bulgarian citizenship you have to require legalized permission from your partner to take the children out of the country.
  • If possible get someone local to escort you to and from the airport. If not, take with you some cash and exchange it on the airport to be able to pay for a taxi (it is a good idea to exchange just a few EUROs or Dollars, due to the unfavourable rates at the airport).
  • You can call a taxi company - remember that they will give you a 3 digit number of the taxi which will come to pick you up. Taxi ordered by phone from the airport to the center of the city usually costs about 7 Bulgarian leva.
  • The airport car parking fee in Sofia is 2 leva per hour.
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