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In connection with the implementation of a Vignette system for using the National Road Network of the Republic of Bulgaria, Road Executive Agency (REA) feels obliged to inform you about the Vignette system main parameters, terms of implementation, vignettes prices, method of use, etc.

The Vignette system will be valid for the National Road Network, except for the ring roads and by-pass roads of populated areas as well as the roads within populated areas. Buying a vignette, you have the right to use over 300 km of motorways and over 18 000 km of roads for the period specified in the vignette.

Where to buy a vignette from?

You can buy a vignette from all border-crossing points (BPCs) of the Republic of Bulgaria. There you will find the units of REA (designated with the relevant mark). These units are open 24 hours. The prices of vignettes are Euro (EUR). Apart from Euro, in the border units of REA you can pay for the vignette in US Dollars as well.

What type of vignette do you need for your road vehicle?

The categorization of road vehicles is based on the number of axles and the vehicle's designation. We are sure that with the help of our employees from the border units and the description given here, you will encounter no difficulties in this respect. See also the information below. It shows the schedule of introducing the various categories to the system. Check whether you need a vignette at the moment.

There are 3 validity type vignettes:

  • annual - covering the time between January 1 and January 31 of the following year;
  • monthly - valid until the same day in the following month;
  • weekly - good for 7 days in a row including the day of issuing;

(At the BCP when leaving the country, the validity of the vignette will be checked and, if it has expired, you must buy a new vignette.)

ATTENTION: Motion of road vehicles on the Vignette Network without a valid vignette, is a violation and subject to sanctions in accordance to the Road Traffic Law. Assess carefully the duration of your stay and buy appropriate vignette.

Categorization of RV by Vignette Road Network user groups:

  • C1 - Freight vehicles, construction machines, wheeled tractors and others, with 3 and more axles, with or without trailer/s
  • C2 - Freight vehicles, construction machines, wheeled tractors and others, with 2 axles as well as road vehicles with more than 8+1 seats, designed for passenger transport
  • C3 - Road vehicles with up to 8+1 seats, designed for passenger transport

Schedule of introducing paid use of the road infrastructure (vignette system) by categories:

  • C1 - 01.04.2004
  • C2 - 01.04.2004
  • C3 - 01.01.2005

Prices of vignette types by categories:

  • Category C1:
    ANNUAL - EURO 506
    WEEKLY - EURO 36
  • Category C2:
    ANNUAL - EURO 253
    WEEKLY - EURO 18
  • Category C3:
    ANNUAL - EURO 51

For more information:
Road Executive Agency (REA).
Address: 3, Macedonia Blvd. ,
Tel.: 980 87 20

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