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Postal code: 9650
Dialing code: 0570
Population: about 12,500
Web site: www.kavarna.bg

Kavarna is situated 48 km north of Varna, 49 km from Dobrich and just 12 km away from the picturesque Kaliakra cape. The coast to the north of the town is high and steep, while the south of the town boasts with an excellent beach, the coastline being 42 km long.

In recent years Kavarna has started to become a place where a lot of concerts of popular Bulgarian and world-known bands are organized (Deep Purple, Scorpions, Nazareth, Ronnie James Dio etc.). The town also hosts national and international folk festivals and other cultural events.

Nowadays Kavarna turns to an attractive place for a holiday, combining the modern comfort with a unique atmosphere, at the same time preserving its tranquility and charm. There are several museums in the town, which deserve to be visited - The Dobruja and the Sea Display, The Town Museum and The Ethnographic Museum, as well as two churches.

Kavarna is becoming an attractive tourist site for golf-lovers too. This is due to the construction of two new golf courses - one is to be between the town of Balchik and the town of Kavarna and the other - along the coastline, near the sea.


The earliest findings about the civilization in the area date back to the 6th century BC related to the ancient Thracian settlement called Bizone. Later on the area was dominated by the Greeks, who turned it into one of their colonies. In 1st century BC the town suffered a disastrous earthquake which ruined it almost completely. Then it was restored and included in the territory of the Roman Empire and consequently in that of Byzantium.

After the foundation of the Bulgarian State on the Balkan Peninsula the town changed its name several times. It was called Karvouna, Karbona, Karnava and finally Kavarna. The Turks conquered it in 1393. Shortly before the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 the town was put to fire and devastated. The town of Kavarna was once again rebuilt and became an agricultural and fishing centre.


Municipality of Kavarna - Tour Agency - Kavarna : 27, Dobrotitsa Str., floor 1, Tel./Fax: (0570) 859 00, E-mail: tourkav_kv@abv.bg


On the high hill of Chirakman, which is 3 km away from Kavarna, still can be seen remains of Roman fortresses and medieval towns. The National archaeological preserve Yailata keeps significant monuments and remains from different historic periods.

Another place of interest is the Cape Kaliakra, also an archaeological and natural preserve, famous for the legend about several maidens, who braided their hair together and jumped into the water, refusing to accept the Islam religion from the Turks.

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