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Ski resort
Postal code: 2010
Dialing code: 07503
Web site:

Borovets is the biggest international mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is located at 1350m above the sea level (with highest pistes at 2600 m), on the Northern slopes of Rila mountain among age-old pine woods, at the foot of peak Mussala (2925m) - the highest one on the Balkan Peninsula.

It is easily accessible, being at a distance of 73km from Sofia and 126km from Plovdiv. The town of Samokov is only 10km down the road from the resort. There is regular bus transport to them, the buses to Samokov running every 30 minutes.

Borovets is the oldest mountain resort where skiers can experience the thrills of the "white sport" in winter, and hikers enjoy the green freshness of the mountains in summer.

It is a major point of departure for Mount Musala, a number of high-mountain chalets, as well as Bistritsa Palace, built as a hunting lodge for Tsar Ferdinand.

Its 90-year long history, 1390m altitude above sea level, and favourable climate with cool summer and mild, snowy winter, make Borovets the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria.

Mainly, the resort provides excellent opportunities for the whole range of winter sports: from the alpine sports to cross-country skiing, ski-jumps and biathlon on its first-class ski slopes, tracks and facilities.


Over 45 km of ski runs varying in difficulty grouped in 3 regions: Sitnyakovo, Markoudjik and Yastrebets. The slopes and runs are maintained in perfect condition and are designed with international markings and multilingual signs.

Its pleasantly cool here in summer (the average July temperature is 15,2oC) and the winter is mild and snowy (the average January temperature being 4.8oC). The air in Borovetz is crystal-clear and totally free of any pollutants.


The cabin cableway to the peak of Yastrebets is the most imposing one. The journey takes 23min. Hiking trails may be undertaken from Borovets along marked routes to various sites in Rila - to Mount Mussala 6 hours.

Borovetz offers scores of scenic routes, including many ski-routes, in groups leaded by experience guides. The organized trips lead to picturesque spots in the Rila Mountain like Seven Rila lakes, peak Malyovitsa, peak Moussala, Rila Monastery etc.

A photo safari and a visit to the Bulgarian kings residence of Bistritsa are also regularly organized. Various trips to different tourist attractions throughout Bulgaria are offered as well.

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