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Postal code: 9000
Dialing code: 052
Population: 325 137
Web site: www.varna.bg

Situated 470 km east of Sofia, Varna is the biggest city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and a regional centre. The city is surrounded by lots of gardens, vineyards and deciduous groves.


The town was settled by the fishing tribe of Corbisy. In VI century BC a Greece town inhabited by settlers was established here under the name Odesos.

The town had been under the siege of the troops of Alexander of Macedonia in the middle of the IV century BC but after the siege was put down the town was given the autonomy within the limits of his Empire.

In IX century it was already called Varna. It is supposed that the name originates from the horse people in Central Asia. The town was included in the territory of Bulgaria during the reign of king Kaloyan. In 1391 it soon declined and the Turkish conquered the town.

In 1444, during the crusade of the Polish king Vladislav Yagello and the Hungarian leader Yanosh Huniady, the town was under the siege of the knights. The troops of the Christian coalition suffered a complete defeat. The young king Vladislav was killed.

In 1878 Varna was finally liberated from Ottoman yoke and became the most important Bulgarian seaport town. Varna quickly established as a seaside resort.


The Cape of Galata is a very attractive for lots of tourists who are keen on having a seclusion with nature. There is the residential district Galata where are lot of small hotels and holiday houses.

The Stone Forest is 20 km west of the city. The resort complex of Chernomorec includes several chalets and lot of bungalows.

Around the Asparuh Bridge near the residential district the relics of the rampart of Asparuh can be seen. Not far away is the knoll of Djanavar. A basilica from the early Christian period is built here.

The famous village of Vinitsa is situated 10km north-east of Varna. It is a favourite place where the citizens of Varna often go on picnic or for walks, it is also a holiday spot with lot of small private hotels there.

The town of Devnia is connected with the Varna canal by the Varna Lake. There are remains of the ancient town of Marcianoppolis, the second biggest town in ancient Bulgaria after Philipopolis (in present days - Plovdiv).

The fortress of Petrich rises opposite the railway station of Razdelna, close to the railway from Varna to Sofia. The fortress was built in 5-th century, later on it was pulled down and rebuilt in 13-th to 14-th centuries. It was an important defense fortress in 1444 during the battle of Vladislav Varnenchik. The rocks near the fortress are perfect for mountaineering.

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